Community Interest Statement

[This was submitted to the Community Interest Regulator as part of the registrations of the company.  It will be used annually by the regulator to ensure we live up to our commitments.  You can read more about the process here…]

The initial purpose of the Company is to manage and improve the allotments at its primary site located off Rose Tree Close on the eastern edge of Moulton, Northamptonshire previously known as the Broughton Road North Allotments.

The Company will promote and improve that site and most especially encourage the cultivation and enjoyment of these allotments by anyone in the local community. In so doing, the Company will share knowledge and create social bonds by nurturing, encouraging, educating and supporting a strong community of growers from all backgrounds and of all abilities.

To achieve these aims the Company will keep rents fair and equitable to ensure the widest possible access, and seek to bring in additional funding from external sources.

The Company will actively seek and encourage young adults not only to become plot holders but also to participate in the management and upkeep of the site in order to provide a solid basis for succession and continuity permitting the company to fulfill its duties in perpetuity. To that end, the Company will work with local schools to show how food is grown by encouraging practical participation and the Company will invite local colleges to use its allotments for field trips and practical exercises.

The Company will regularly stage its own events and participate in other local events to bring the advantages and recreational benefits of allotments and the food produced to the wider community.