Edible Landscape Project

Converting plots 10 and 10a into a recreational area featuring the edible landscape project.


The plots as of August 7th, 2016 before work commences.




Clean up of this plot was a long job.  Here we are on October 22nd 2016 with the
site cleared and almost ready for rotavating.


On October 31st, 2016 Ray rotovated the strip under the close supervision of Jan.  Next will be raking and firming then we can spread the grass seed.


On Saturday November 5th, a working party raked and leveled the seedbed and then sowed the grass seed.  All fueled by cake, cookies and hot drinks.  Thanks ladies!


Roger (carefully!) spreading grass seed!

Type Variety Pollination group When ready

Apples Egremont Russet group 1 Oct-Dec
Scrumptious, group 2 Sept-Oct
Discovery group 2 Aug-Sept
Rosette group 2 Sept-Dec
Fiesta group 2 Oct-March
Katy group 2 Sept
Christmas Pippin group 3 Oct-Jan
Worcester Pearmain group 2  Aug-Sept
Red Devil  group 3  Sept-Jan
 Pears  Concorde  group 3  Oct-Jan
 Conference group 3  Oct-Nov
 Williams Bon Chretien  group 3  Sept
 Doyenne Du Comice (2)  group 3  Nov
 Beth  group 4  Aug-Sept
 Plum  Czar
 Cherry  Stella
 Summer Sun